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Coffee Time

Aug. 4                         Aug 11

Beth Snow                   Bud & Carolyn Allin

Tanya Stere

A Toque for Our Church We Are Getting There!

Congratulations DSUC we are on our way to paying for our new roof. So far we have $22,000.00 in donations. We are a little over a third of the way there. Remember, we have an anonymous donor who will match our donations so our $125,000 bill is now $62,500.

We Can Do It!!

Thank you to Barb Workman and Nelda Black for our beautiful toques. Thanks as well to Betty Guthrie and the Sewing From the Heart ladies for our amazing summer hats.

Don't forget - when you make a donation to the roof you help yourself to a toque or hat from our clothesline. If you already have a toque, help yourself to a cool summer hat. After all, we need a roof every season of the year.

Pick up your donation envelope on the table by the elevator or use your regular envelope and mark "Roof Fund"

Thanks for your generosity. Bring your toque or hat every Sunday as a show of support.

Yard Sale

Friends, our yard sale is getting close and as a church family we need your help to raise funds for the new  roof.  Please sign up on the sign up sheet letting us know what time you can help us on the day of the yard sale or preparation for the yard sale on Friday.   As a team we can make this a successful event!  Sign up sheets are located in the brown hall, sign up during coffee time or a sign up sheet is located by the parking lot entrance.   Also please bring donations to sell.  The more we have the more money we can raise:) We are looking forward to having a great time and raising money for our big red:)

We Are Having A YARD SALE !

DSUC is having a Raise the Roof Fundraiser and we need YOUR help!!  August 10th from 8am-1pm we will need help setting up tables, people to watch and sell at the tables and of course many donations to sell.  The youth will be having a BBQ at this event so invite your family to come shopping and stay for lunch.  Donations can be brought to the church and stored in the youth room ahead of time.  For this event to be successful and a new toque paid for our church we will need to work together as a team, this is a very exciting time!  If you have any questions please talk to someone on the Fundraising Team, Jean Phelps, Betty Guthrie, and Kelly Fitch. 

Thank you for your support.


Your Fundscrip orders for August will be due Today, Sunday, August 4th.


Welcome and Thank You

to Paul Tree for sharing his gift of music with us this morning. 

Guess Who is Turning "90"

You are invited to celebrate Aileen Murray's birthday on August 10, 2019 at Dundas St United Church from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. No wishes only.


Lorraine (519) 955-0812


 Community Food Sharing

Our next Food Sharing Sunday here at Dundas Street United Church will be held on Sunday August 11, 2019. Please place your donations into the box provided on the sanctuary level. We look forward to your continued support of this ministry. All proceeds go to The Salvation Army to help out in our community.


























July 2019 Property Report

As this report was written on July 24, 2019 I am hoping that the roof will be complete or nearly complete when you are reading this. Considering the adverse weather, delays in getting the 160 ft. lift, and some other factors, the process of replacing the slate has taken longer than anticipated. Thank you to all individuals and groups for patiently waiting while Big Red gets a new toque.

Other matters we have had to deal with include:

Repairs were made to the central vacuum system to keep it operational. It is now 25+ years old. The repairs were about $10 -- replacement of the vacuum would be about $1500. Hopefully it will keep working.

Once again Ted Battler needed to attend to the gas stove in the kitchen.

Weeds near the step and sidewalk of the Dundas Street entry were sprayed to improve the appearance of the front entry. Steps will be painted after the roof is completed.

The south west corner sign and a shrub in that area were damaged in a motor vehicle accident a couple of weeks ago. We will work with the parties involved to get the sign and shrub restored.

Cornerstone Plaster Co. was called in to work out an estimate for sanctuary ceiling repairs.

Our own insurance company has agreed to pay approximately $8000 of these ceiling repairs.

The Dumpster Divers, consisting mainly of Don Gaudier, Kelly Fitch, and John Limburg have retrieved approximately 1200 pieces of slate. These will be sold to the congregation, friends, relatives and of course patrons at the August 10 Garage Sale and the Annual Bazaar.

John Limburg --- Chair of Property