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Announcements - October 13, 2019

Home Is Where God Is!

During this autumn season we are going to be reflecting on what “home” means to us. Where do we feel most “at home,” with whom do we feel most “at home,” and where is God in the midst of our picture, or vision of “home.” I would like to invite folks to please send Gail, pictures of “home” and each week we will use them on the cover of our bulletin. It could be the outside of your home, perhaps the “home farm,” or a special room in your current home that feels the most like home to you. Maybe your childhood church – maybe this church. Whatever feels like home.

I would also invite folks to share what home means to them for just a few minutes at the beginning of the service. Just a few lines to help us begin to understand what “home” means to you. Please speak to me, or call me at (519) 537 – 7935 ext 22 or email me at So we can set a date for your sharing!

Blessings & Gratitude

Rev. Bonnie

Vacation Coverage

I will be away for a week or so, beginning Monday Oct 7th. Dennis & are heading out west to visit family. Nancy will be doing the service on Oct 13th (Thanksgiving Sunday) and will provide emergency pastoral care while I am away. Nancy can be reached at (519) 539- 4970 or on her Wings of Hope cell (519) 532- 4649.

Thank you for your support & thank you Nancy!

Rev. Bonnie

Pies R Us Turkey Pies

We are making turkey pies on October 23rd. If you would like to order some of these delicious pies you can sign up on the order sheet on the bulletin board or if you can to email Frances Pawsey at Supplies will be limited so be sure to order early.  They will be available at the church after 9 am. Thanks.

Thank You

Thank you to Garry and Kim Waugh for picking up the food in Toronto for Angel Breakfast. There time and help was very much appreciated.

Maureen Roberts

Anniversary Sunday is on Sunday Oct 20th!

Our theme this year is “We Are Family!” Please bring in photos of you and your family, and we will place them all over the sanctuary. Family doesn’t have to be “biological.” Perhaps family to you is you & your cat or dog – or even your goldfish. Maybe you & a couple of friends who are like family can be one of your family portraits! Use your imagination!

Also after next week’s service(Oct 13th) there will be an opportunity to head into the green hall & create a family portrait with you and/or friends. We will then make sure they are in our sanctuary the following week.

We have an amazing musical guest – Victoria Gydov who will be sharing her ministry of music with us.

It will be a wonderful day – let’s celebrate “Big Red’s” 134 Anniversary with enthusiasm and joy!


Pot Luck Lunch for Anniversary Sunday

There will be a Pot Luck Lunch in the Brown Hall following the service.  In order to make things a little more organized we are asking that our family members who sit on

  • The East side of the church (the parking lot side) would please bring sandwiches;
  • those who sit in the Centre section to bring veggies, fruit, or cheese and crackers;
  • and those who sit on the West side (near the piano)and the choir to please bring dessert. 
  • Tea, coffee and juice will be provided. Members of the Worship Committee and the Choir will be in the kitchen before the service to receive the food as it arrives. Many thanks to everyone for their contributions which will help make this an Anniversary to remember!

Our next Food Sharing Sunday here at Dundas Street United Church will be held today. Please place your donations into the box provided on the sanctuary level. We look forward to your continued support of this ministry. All proceeds go to The Salvation Army to help out in our community.

Cheese Balls - Deadline Nov. 10th

Sheets to sign up for Cheese Balls are now on the bulletin board at the entrance off of the parking lot. There are 3 different varieties - plain, parsley covered or pecan covered. This year each cheese ball is $6.00. These will be available at U.C.W. Bazaar on Wednesday, November 20th.


There is still slate available for sale - so let your friends know far and wide. Every piece of slate counts towards the new roof. 4 for $10.00. Please contact Jean Phelps

Evening of Fun - November 30 - Dinner and Concert

Hello Church Friends!!  The Fundraising Committee would like to welcome you and your family/friends to an evening of fun in November.  The roof fundraiser is growing leaps and bounds and we would like to add another donation to it, maybe even put us over the top :) 

Pleasant Ridge sings a variety of songs that will make you dance in your seat.  There is also a chicken parmesan dinner available before the concert to fill your belly’s.  Tickets are $15 for the concert and $30 for the dinner and concert. 

Please see Jean Phelps, Betty Guthrie, Kelly Fitch or Gail in the office to buy your tickets.  We are also looking for helpers in the kitchen and help accepting tickets the night of November 30th and set up help and kitchen prep the night of November 29th.  When we work as a team we have great success and lot’s of fun! 

Re: Old Spire From the South West Tower

Several individuals have expressed an interest in purchasing the pinnacle or spire that perched on top of the south west tower of Dundas United. It is presently sitting at the back of the church. If you’re interested in buying this unique conversation piece, please put your name and the amount you would be willing to pay on a piece of paper. Place the paper into an unmarked envelope and hand the envelope to either Dennis Pilkey or John Limburg

The winning bid will be announced in a few weeks and will count as a donation to our roof fund. Happy bidding!

Fundscrip Note

As it is getting closer to Christmas we have decided to do an extra order for Fundscrip. The following are the order dates before Christmas in case you need gift cards for those special people.

November 3

November 24

December 8

Games Night

Friday, OCTOBER 18TH - 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. 

Bingo fun for the whole family!!


Youth Group

Thursday, OCTOBER 24TH     6:00 - 7:30 p.m.

We will be going swimming at the YMCA . We will meet at the church at 6:00 p.m.   Let me know if you can make it please.

Fantastic Friday

Friday, NOVEMBER 15TH       6:30 - 8:00 p.m.

Fun for the whole family.   This is an interactive night with Moms and Dads!